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Capricorn Horoscope: March 2016

Refueling your tanks

You might begin the month wondering what happened to your mojo. On March 5, Mars, the planet of drive and ambition will enter the most hidden part of your chart -- the 12th House of Privacy, Escape, and Rejuvenation. Mars will be here for a while, and plans to turn retrograde next month. As a result, you're about to begin a major cycle that will demand that you re-evaluate how you're utilizing your energy.

Are you feeling exhausted as the month begins? If so, it's a red flag for you to slow down and re-prioritize your goals. What deserves your dynamism and what, in your life, just stresses you out? Although you might not be able to change much just yet, this month you'll begin to identify the triggers behind your depleted energy. That's certainly a start.

Another possibility is that you'll be asked to participate in a major project that requires absolute discretion. If so, you'll be up for the task but in the back of your mind, you may wonder if you'll ever receive the reward you deserve for it. You will, but you'll need lots of patience since it won't be coming any time soon.

There might also be a rattling event near the Lunar Eclipse on March 23 connected to your career. A VIP may announce he or she is stepping down. Or, it's possible that you've had enough with you own career path and realize it's time for a change.

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