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Gemini Horoscope: March 2016

This month, you can anticipate significant career developments and an opportunity to shine. Additionally, there appears to be much more noise in the relationship department for you. It all begins on March 5, when Mars moves into your partnership sector. This placement will give you the courage to fight for a business or personal alliance you believe in.

On the flip side however, Mars here may aggravate any existing tension between you and your mate. If you need to have an argument in order to clear the air, you'll certainly have little trouble initiating one. Just remember not to be so self-righteous in your own mind that you forget the importance of compromise.

After March 8, your professional world shape shifts a bit into something that smells of possibility. A Solar Eclipse falls in your 10th House of Career, offering you the chance to ask for exactly what you want in terms of career. Set a new goal, launch a business, and reach for a promotion.

This is certainly your time despite any potential lack of support you may feel from your spouse or partner. In fact, once Venus enters your 10th house on March 8, you'll feel so appreciated by authority figures that it'll make you gush with humble gratitude!

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