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Leo Horoscope: March 2016

Your love and sex life are about to heat up! On March 5, Mars, the planet of assertive drive, will move into your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure for the first time in about two years. This time around, Mars will spend an unusually long stretch here since he's due to turn retrograde next month.

As a result, for now you can enjoy more action in your love life than you might have had recently. This will be a great time to focus more on playing again with the heart of a carefree child. If you're single, why not take a risk and accept a date with someone who takes you outside your comfort zone? You never know where it might lead!

Another potent cycle for you will open up on March 8 with a Solar Eclipse that falls in your 8th House of Joint Resources. You might have an opportunity to make new investments or hear news about a royalty or commissions agreement you have with a company you're affiliated with. Another possibility is that you and your partner will make a new change to how you budget finances together. Then, on March 23, a Lunar Eclipse might bring emotionally charged news from a sibling or an end to a contract. Be prepared.

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