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Libra Horoscope: March 2016

A turning point

What a dynamic month this will be for you -- filled with changes and fast-paced energy! For starters on March 5, Mars will move into your communication sector where he'll remain for an unusually long time, since next month he'll turn retrograde.

As a result, it's likely that you will finally realize it's time to find the courage to use your words. You'll communicate with more bravado but will also find it easier to initiate any communications related project. So if you've been waiting for that push to start a book, this might be the month when a fire is finally all lit up inside of you.

Another possibility with Mars in your 3rd House of Communication is that you'll have more arguments than usual with a sibling. Do your best to navigate through since you are a sign more uncomfortable with tension than others. The thing is, this time, if there is a difference of opinion you're not likely to concede -- especially if it compromises your morals in any way.

The major news for you happens on March 23 when the last of a series of eclipses falls in your sign. This is a Lunar Eclipse and it will signal a major ending for you personally. Perhaps you're finally ready to let go of an outworn relationship, or goal that you've held onto for so long. Or, it's possible that you'll be at an emotional turning point. Don't be afraid let go of the person you thought you were in order to find who you are meant to be.

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