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Gemini Horoscope: March 2017

The value of friendship

You might spend the majority of this month reconsidering the company you keep. On March 4, Venus will turn retrograde in the area of your chart ruling friends and other social contacts. As a result, it's possible that you'll begin to see that you and someone you thought you shared an affinity with might not have as much of a genuine connection after all. You may start to feel used or unappreciated by this person, and in some cases, decide it's time to end the relationship. Of course in most instances, you'll do what you can to work through any problems -- especially if this is a friendship you want to see continue. Expect this matter to be resolved fully after April 15.

Another possibility is that you recently crossed a line with one of your friends, and actually became lovers. That move might not work out so well for either of you, and now you'll need to face the reality of your choice.

You may hear emotionally charged news near March 12 from a relative or about a family matter. Or, it's possible that you're putting the finishing touches on a real estate transaction and have packed your bags, preparing to relocate. Financial transactions with family or connected to real estate should be profitable.

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