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Leo Horoscope: March 2017

Hitting a wall

If you happen to be involved in a legal matter, it's possible that you'll have to endure a bit of frustration connected to it this month. On March 4 and until April 15, Venus will retrograde through your 9th house -- the area of your chart ruling the court system. It's possible that financial negotiations will not go your way. If you are going through a divorce for example, your lawyer or mediator might have to come back to you and your spouse several times before you agree. If you accept an offer during the retrograde phase, it's likely to be much less than you anticipated. Wait it out if possible.

Another scenario is that your love affair with learning will lose its luster. If you're enrolled in an advanced degree program, certification, or working toward your license, you may have to struggle with learning material that you're not as passionate about for a bit. See this as a means to an end. You may also make a decision about attending a college or other school based on financial reasons at this time, settling for one option when it truly wasn't your first choice. If you can hold off on any decision connected to a 9th-house matter until after the New Moon on March 27, you'll be glad you did. New options may emerge.

You will need to pay special attention to your wallet this month. On March 12, a Full Moon in 2nd House of Earned Income might lead to an expense you realize is quite significant -- even if you planned for it. Because you are spending so much money, you may feel insecure about future income. Don't waste your energy on anxiety. Instead, just keep working.

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