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Virgo Horoscope: March 2017

What's yours is mine

Shared finances will begin to come under your scrutiny this month ... and possibly your angst as well. On March 4 Venus will begin her retrograde phase through your 8th house. This is the area of your chart that rules money connected to just about anything other than your direct paycheck. Investments, inheritance, taxes, settlements, royalties, or commissions -- even your partner's money -- are all under this domain. Now that Venus will be out of phase, it's possible that you'll run into some trouble with one or more financial areas ruled by the 8th house. Realize that it's time to review and reassess, but not to initiate brand-new decisions about your money. Save that for after April 15 when Venus is again in direct motion.

It does appear that this month you'll be more emotional and sensitive than usual. A Full Moon in your sign on March 12 signals a turning point -- and it's possible that you will leave a relationship or outworn goal behind in order to clear the decks. Conversations with your spouse or partner may be difficult at this time, especially if they are about domestic matters. You might feel as if you're not getting the support you need, but by the end of the month you'll also realize that it's time to make changes in order to assure that this dynamic shifts.

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