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March 2018 Horoscope: Working in a New Direction

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When you think about it, we spend an extraordinary amount of time in our lives working. Earning a living, taking care of errands, and chores either become opportunities for fulfillment or become pain points in our life where we feel that the very life has been sucked out of us. Dramatic? Yes -- perhaps a little. But this does speak to how vital it is to do work that fulfills us in life. If we don't then we are not living, we are only existing. As March opens up, on the 1st, a powerful Full Moon in Virgo will not only call our attention to this, but will provide more support than ever before to achieve a course correction in the event that you are not feeling the love when it comes to the work you do.

This Full Moon is opposite Neptune, which will make you yearn to do more for others -- to truly give of yourself in your life's work. Venus will also be at a perfect angle to expansive Jupiter on this day, suggesting that if you follow your bliss, then the money will follow you. Mercury, the ruler of this Full Moon, will connect beautifully to Jupiter on March 2, opening up the door for you to make a solid decision about your work and benefit from it. This will be a perfect day to sign a contract that is work-related!

In terms of romance, the first few days of March are also glittering with potential. Venus trine Jupiter on March 1, followed by Mercury conjunct Venus on the 4th, will help you speak from your heart to your soul mate, and know that you are truly being seen and heard. Venus leaves dreamy Pisces on March 6 and enters daring Aries, where she remains until March 31. This is when matters of the heart become more urgent and fiery -- it's when you'll have the courage to chase your crush if you're single, and demand that your lover put you first if you're taken.

A New Moon in Pisces on March 17 is larger than the ocean. You'll want to set your dreams into motion and will have an enormous amount of support to initiate a creative, spiritual, or compassionate venture. Just remember to let go of your need to be right about everything connected to this process. If a mentor or someone wiser than you steps in to help, let them. See it as a blessing.

Also on March 17, Mars enters Capricorn and remains here through May 16. This is a phenomenal placement for business and all career pursuits. You'll strategize your way right to success!

Mercury turns retrograde on March 22nd in Aries, and won't turn direct until April 15. This will call your attention to where any self-centered thinking is working against you and your goals. Make adjustments as necessary.

Lastly, the Full Moon in Libra on March 31 is stressed, and you might have to deal with a relationship ending, either in your business or personal life. On the same day, however, Venus moves into her home sign of Taurus, signaling that it's time to move onto a better relationship anyway ... one that you can truly sink your teeth into.

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