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Aries Love Horoscope for March 2018

Too hot to handle!

You are just too hot for your own good this month Aries -- and that means you can look forward to getting into some passionate trouble. Be careful though; the fun might easily turn into chaos for your love life by the end of March. Let's talk about it...

For starters, Venus moves into your sign on March 6, making you completely irresistible until March 31. Mercury will also enter Aries on the same day, making it easier than ever to express your desires to someone you've got your eye on. Love is definitely not for the fearless, and if there's anyone with total courage this month in that department, it's you.

If you're single, then it's on! You'll be ready to get out there and flirt with as many sexy people as possible. The romantic candidates who will move to the front of your personal love line will be the ones who choose to pursue you first ... and pursue you relentlessly. You'll quickly lose the number of anyone who isn't texting or calling, but that special someone who is bold enough to get in your face and let you know that he or she really wants you is the one who's going to win you as the prize.

If you're in a relationship, your love life might be trickier this month. With Venus and Mercury in Aries, it might start to become more about you and less about your relationship. This can easily get old for your partner -- especially if he or she has a few issues with you lately. Mercury will turn retrograde on March 22, followed by a difficult Full Moon in your relationship sector on March 31. You'll have a hard time communicating what you want to say in a way that your partner can receive without getting defensive or hurt. It could damage the relationship. Be careful.

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