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Cancer Love Horoscope for March 2018

Sheer bliss

You have high hopes for your love life early in the month, and for good reason. On March 1 and 2 both Mercury and Venus will be at a perfect link to lucky Jupiter, now in your romance sector. With this combination, your optimism and faith in the possibilities of love are strong. You'll also have no trouble communicating them to your sweetheart, which will be a great assist in drawing you closer to each other's hearts. So if you are dating someone new as the month opens up, prepare for things to become magical very quickly!

If you're in a committed partnership, after March 17 there's going to be some developmental tension between you and your mate. While that doesn't sound very romantic, you'll be driven to make things work. Mars, the planet of action and motivation, will move into your relationship sector, and remains in this part of your chart through May 16. If you notice that you and your partner are picking more fights with each other than usual, this might be due to a growing level of sexual tension in your relationship. Make sure that you are giving each other enough of a physical outlet so that it doesn't become a point of contention between you.

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