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Capricorn Love Horoscope for March 2018

Strategizing your sexy

Don't worry too much about not feeling like yourself early this month. You might still need time to hibernate and conserve your energy until March 17. After the 17th, however, you'll not only feel more vital than you have in a while, but you'll also notice how supercharged you feel sexually. Mars will enter your sign on this day for the first time in nearly two years. The planet of motivation and libido will remain in Capricorn through May 16. This is very good news for you, Cappy! For starters, any projects you begin now will have a remarkable level of support thanks to your tireless energy. In terms of your love life however, you'll notice that others are finding you more attractive than usual – even to the point of being the current sex bomb of the zodiac! Have you been going through a dry spell in the physical department of your love life? If so, you can look forward to kissing that phase of your life goodbye. Your sexuality will take on a lustier, more practical tone and you'll find yourself treating your sex life almost like you would a business -- carefully planning out the moves you'll make in order to seduce your partner. It might not sound romantic, but careful planning does ensure lovemaking success at times. That will certainly be the end result!

In other news, love planet Venus edges into your romance sector on March 31. If single, this will open up a bright opportunity for you to meet someone new and fall in love. Practical, sensual, oh-so-satisfying love!

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