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Libra Love Horoscope for March 2018

Testy and messy

Every now and then, a little time away from your partner can be a good idea -- after all, it is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. This March, it's quite possible that a temporary separation will serve to renew your love life. Be careful however, because too much time apart will likely have the opposite effect. Balance here will be key. Fortunately, that is your specialty, Libra.

On March 6 both Mercury and Venus move into your relationship sector, opening up a lovely phase where you can talk to your partner more easily about the inner workings of your love connection. Dialogue that centers on what individual needs are and are not being met in your relationship will be prominent at this time, and if you face these conversations head on, a great deal of progress can be made as a couple.

The need for separation however, will become a growing theme toward the end of the month. Your partner might begin to feel as if he or she no longer knows where you both end and begin as individuals. Confusion about a new direction in your relationship is possible -- especially after March 22 when Mercury turns retrograde. Adding to the mix will be an extremely stressed out Full Moon in your sign on March 31. You might feel that the only way you'll find peace and stability again is by spending time apart. Remember: If you let something go and it comes back, then you know it is truly meant to be yours.

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