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Pisces Love Horoscope for March 2018

Pure love potential

With lunations across your relationship axis this month, it'll be impossible for you to ignore the happenings between you and someone close. On March 1 a Full Moon in your partnership sector will illuminate your feelings for your mate. A deepening is likely to occur between you, thanks to the fact that on the same day Venus in your sign will be at a supportive link to expansive Jupiter. The more faith you have in love, the more it will reflect back to you in the most beautiful way possible. You and your partner might let go of a habit that is not serving your relationship. This can be something minor such as criticizing one another at times rather than speaking from a place of support. Together, you might also be ready to finish up a project you've been working on. It'll be something you're both quite proud of.

On March 17 a New Moon in your sign will open up possibilities in just about every area of your life. Now is the time to plant seeds of intention around whatever it is you want to see succeed most in your life. This is also a supportive time to begin any new relationship, so if you're single, go out on a few first dates with interesting people who inspire you. Mars enters your social 11th house on the same day, providing plenty of stimulation for you to go out and mingle with friends. As you attend various parties and other events you should have no trouble meeting people. A friend might even approach you with sexual advances and if so, you might strongly consider going for it.

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