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Sagittarius Horoscope: March 2018

Not an idle March

Career and domestic shifts earmark this month's lunations for you, Sag. On March 1 a Full Moon lands in your professional 10th house, putting you in the spotlight for a major achievement. You might receive extra praise or attention from your boss ,but it's equally possible that you're ready to bask in the glory of something major you've been working toward all on your own. This might be a business you've started that now becomes something more substantial than just a dream. Hard work really can pay off! Another possibility is that you are growing more frustrated with your professional direction, and if so, this Full Moon will mark a turning point. Don't be afraid to search for a career path that truly fulfills you.

Your love life takes an interesting turn as well after March 6. At this time both Mercury and Venus will move into your romance sector, putting a greater focus on your ability to flirt and talk to potential dating prospects if you're single. Pay close attention to an unexpected opportunity on March 11. At this time Mars in your sign will send Uranus (also in your true love sector) very sexy vibes. Be aware, however, that on March 22 Mercury will turn retrograde in this area of your chart, and remains out of phase through April 15. You know that that means, right? You're probably going to hear from at least one of your exes. The problem is that with Venus also here, you are more likely to remember the good times rather than the bad. If you have an opportunity to rekindle things with an old flame, try not to make any final decisions until late next month. You just won't be able to think with a clear head until then.

On March 17 a New Moon in your home and family sector might bring news from a relative or a decision to move or purchase real estate. With Mars also moving into your earned income sector on the same day, it's clear that expenses are about to rise. Why not direct it toward something that you know will bring you lasting value like your very own plot of land?

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