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Taurus Horoscope: March 2018

Love works!

Seriously Taurus, you are the envy of the zodiac lately when it comes to partnership support. Lucky Jupiter has already been touring your relationship sector since mid-October of 2017 and remains in this part of your chart through November of this year. As a once-in-12-years event, it offers genuine potential for a single Taurus to match up with someone who is intense and inspirational all at once. If you're in a relationship already, then Jupiter will add a healthy smear of icing on the already delicious cake you and your love have baked together.

What happens early this month is nothing less than magical when it comes to how Jupiter lines up in the sky. On March 1 and 2, he'll form perfect links to both love planet Venus and messenger Mercury, both now touring your 11th House of Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams. Translation? If you are in a relationship then you and your darling are feeling the love in a most extraordinary way now. You might make a commitment to each other that can feel like a literal dream has come true in your love life. In addition to this, a stunning Full Moon will land right in your romance sector on March 1. This is all about culmination and fulfillment, so if you have just met someone, you'll quickly feel yourself swept away in the euphoria of love.

The most incredible part about your love life these days is how perfectly you and your sweetheart fit -- like two puzzle pieces made just for each other. When love is right it just works, and the uncomplicated beauty of it all is something that makes your simple and pure heart smile.

In other news, after March 17 you might begin a fantastic new project that has to do with publishing, broadcasting, or advertising. You might even decide to teach a workshop or hold a presentation or lecture in front of a crowd. This doesn't even have to be in person. There's a great deal of support around online, radio, or television endeavors. Take advantage of these opportunities -- they look as stunning as your love life!

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