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Taurus Love Horoscope for March 2018

Practical, magical love

Congratulations Taurus! You're the lucky winner of a Full Moon smack dab in your romance sector, happening on March 1. Before you freak out and assume that this spells disastrous endings for your love life, take a chill pill. Consider that not all endings are negative. In fact, there might be a welcome ending in sight for you and your lover -- one that will ultimately restore the functionality of your relationship.

One scenario might be if you have been casually dating each other for several months. If this is the case, one or both of you might also be dating other people. At some point however, this approach goes from one of exploring options to actually becoming destructive -- especially if one or both of you have started to develop serious feelings. This Full Moon might trigger an emotional outpouring by one or both of you and feelings of love can possibly be declared. What might end in this case? You being single and dating other people! That's right -- exclusivity is most certainly on the table for you.

This is doubly so thanks to the fact that Jupiter is still touring your relationship sector, and on March 1 will make a perfect trine to Venus, your ruling planet of love. Venus is in the area of your chart connected to your greatest hopes and wishes. Need the universe say more? It's your time to love Taurus. Fully, deeply, and magically.

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