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Aries Monthly Love Horoscope for March 2019

Clearing the cobwebs

Have you ever felt as if the crevices of your mind were dusty and filled with debris that stood in the way of your normally sound judgment? Well this month, Aries, you are going to relate. There's some cloudy weather coming concerning your thoughts and important decisions you need to make about life and love. Fortunately, there is also an opportunity to experience a mental watershed and release yourself from whatever thought patterns have been drowning you rather than helping you move forward.

For most of the month, though, you'll have spectacular opportunities to meet someone through your social circle. In fact, you may already know this person and have an acquaintanceship with him or her. In March, however, there is a definite turning point as you both manage to send each other those electric vibes that signal: "Hey, there's more here than just friendship. Wanna explore?"

It might start out pretty innocently. You go from hanging out with a group of mutual friends to sharing private text message conversations. Before you know it, you've progressed to meeting up for lunch, just the two of you. And now you'll have to decide ... do you take it to the next level? That is where your murky mind gets in the way. Aries, relax. You're overthinking. Clearly there is something worth exploring with this person. So stop creating problems and thinking of all the possible ways this could go wrong. What if, instead, it went perfectly right? Imagine that.

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