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Cancer Monthly Love Horoscopes for March 2019

Erotic or neurotic?

Your passions are certainly going to be aroused this month, Cancer, but there's a twist ... it may or may not be entirely comfortable for you. In fact, you might spend most of the month trying to disown the vulnerable feelings that are bubbling to the surface because of the intense attraction and attachment you have toward someone. If this is an established relationship, then it will be more comfortable. You'll be able to openly explore new ways to relate sexually, emotionally, and spiritually with your mate, and you might even have the capacity to achieve that perfect trifecta of connection with your lover in March.

If, however, you are single and happen to meet someone, you might find yourself feeling uneasy about the magnetic attraction you feel toward this person. You might even feel as if this person sees right through you or wants to invade you in some way. Is this accurate? Maybe, maybe not... You might simply be projecting your own fear of intimacy onto this person. He or she wants you and wants to get deep with you. Are you up for the challenge?

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