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Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope for March 2019

Reaching out

Love will lift you higher this month, that is for sure! If you're in a relationship, then you'll feel blessed to have a partner who doesn't want you to remain stuck in the same place in life. Nope, he or she will most certainly encourage you to reach out of your comfort zone and explore new horizons so that you are always growing as a person. In fact, your sweetheart wants very much to do this WITH you in March, so you might want to remain open to one of his or her zany ideas that actually winds up being quite gratifying. You might have an opportunity to study a subject you're both fascinated with together in a more specialized or formal way. You might also decide to throw caution to the wind this month and book that vacation to the destinations abroad you've both always wanted to travel.

If single, a Full Moon in your romance sector on March 20 will key you in to what you're really looking for in a mate. You will recognize that, although it's true that no one else in the world can fill your cup, it's still nice to have someone to share your cup of love with. A definite opportunity exists to connect with someone who values true relating. Seize the moment.

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