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Leo Monthly Horoscope: March 2019

Unsteady but ready!

You already have a pretty good sense of what's happening in March, Leo. You got a taste of it from last May through early November and, for some, it truly sent shockwaves through your system. You began to recognize at that time that something was not quite right in your career life. Either you were following the wrong path completely, or you could taste a major positive change coming, but it was still just slightly out of reach.

This month, however, that energy is not only coming back, it's going to finish the job it began. Uranus, the great awakener of the zodiac, moves into your career sector on March 6 and will remain here through April 2026. When Uranus is at the top of your chart, you can fully anticipate some kind of wrecking-ball energy in your professional world if you're not aligned to what you're meant to be doing. The more out of sync you are professionally, the harder this transit will be. Uranus' job is to get you out of whatever rut you've been in so that you can finally wake up to your true goals and calling in life. It's the ultimate career growth spurt, complete with growing pains!

If, however, you are aligned to your calling in life already, then this Uranus transit has a different meaning for you. It can actually bring you sudden fame or notoriety for whatever it is you do. Your rise to the top might appear to be an overnight success, but the truth is that you've been working diligently for a long time for this "lucky break." You, beautiful Leo, have created it.

Aside from this roller coaster career ride you're in for, it looks like the month of March will require a careful re-evaluation of your finances. Are you planning for retirement and for your future or are you flying by the seat of your pants? Are you making investments blindly or have you been carefully researching what to do with your money in order to create the smartest return? From March 5-28 you'll have an opportunity to look twice (and maybe even three times) at what your current strategy is so that you can implement new changes that will make it possible for your financial aspirations to eventually come true.

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