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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: March 2019

Headaches at home

Your life and routine are all over the place this month, Sagittarius, so make peace with the fact that nothing will go according to your plan. It just won't. But that's OK because if you accept this and find a way to go with the flow, you will see that the hands of fate manage to blow you exactly where you're meant to be anyway.

You clearly have something going on at home and it looks like a real opportunity. The downside is that it comes with a heck of a lot of bewilderment. A New Moon on March 6 in your family sector might signal a move, a real estate opportunity, or a new development in your family life. But it's not going to be smooth sailing, thanks to the fact that on March 5 Mercury turns retrograde in the very same area of your chart, and remains out of whack until the 28th.

So, let's say you are getting ready to move. That's your opportunity and it does look like a dream come true. Unfortunately, it will also be a major headache. You might have trouble with the moving process or with hiring contractors to do any type of renovation you need. This might also be about a miscommunication between you and a relative that gets in the way of your domestic bliss. It will all get sorted out, but you probably won't see progress until April. Have patience.

Along with this domestic scenario, the planet Uranus is making a big move in the sky and it will affect everyone in a different way. For you, Uranus is heading straight into your 6th House of Work, Health, and Routine. Start getting used to writing down your appointments in pencil rather than pen because nothing about your schedule will be set in stone anymore. You will have to become a master of flexibility and innovation so that you can juggle everything on your to do list without a set routine. The good news about this transit is that your work life will be anything but boring, so if you've been stuck in a mundane job situation in a cubicle from 9-5 with no one to talk to except for your computer screen, that is all about to change. Hey; it's about time!

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