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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: March 2019

A relationship jolt

Before you panic, Scorpio, take a deep breath. This doesn't have to hurt. In fact, you might be about to take the most exhilarating ride of your life when it comes to love and relationships. Of course, you might also experience a complete tornado in your love life. Much depends on your current romantic climate. So ... let's talk.

This month it really is all about love and partnership for you, so let's just put that out there from the start. On March 5 Mercury turns retrograde right in your true love sector, while a New Moon lands in the very same place on the 6th. From this time until March 28, if you're single, then it's possible you'll be struggling between old and new thoughts patterns in matters of the heart. You want to get rid of your old ones -- especially since they haven't exactly served you well in the past. But before you invite this new way of thinking into your world, you really do need to take a mental paper shredder to each and every file in your mind that has managed to sabotage your romantic fulfillment. Remember Scorpio, no one else is responsible for your happiness -- that is always going to be an inside job. Having Mercury retrograde in the area of your chart that's all about the heart is an invitation to release the negative mental patterns that are blocking you from the love you know you deserve.

This Mercury Retrograde cycle might also manifest in a more literal way for some Scorpios. Yes, an ex might return. He or she might just be stopping by to say hello, to offer an apology, or to get some kind of closure. Or, he or she might legitimately want a second chance. It's your call but remember this: Your ex is your ex for a reason. During the Mercury Retrograde cycles, you might conveniently forget what that reason is. After March 28 you'll remember, so hold off until early April if possible for any firm decision on reconciliation.

Along with this intense activity in your true love sector, there's another planet who is about to rattle you in a major way. His name is Uranus. You might know him as that eccentric planet who likes to go his own way and do his own thing. Well, this planet of liberation, awaking, and rebellion is about to move into your partnership sector on March 6, and isn't going to budge until April 2026. Get ready to rumble when it comes to your relationship status. You might go from single to married, married to single, or "it's complicated" to "it's out of control" all in the blink of an eye. Keep breathing Scorpio. You'll get through it.

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