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Taurus Monthly Horoscope: March 2019

Nothing stays the same

Take a deep breath Taurus, OK? Everything is going to be alright. Well ... eventually. This month you do need to adjust to the "new normal" in your life. The irony behind that statement is that nothing is going to be normal for the next few years. Nothing at all. That's because Uranus, the planet of eccentricity, liberation, awakening, and change, will enter your sign on March 6 and remains here until April of 2026. So yes, the new normal for you is essentially complete chaos.

Ahhh but Taurus, this doesn't have to hurt. Especially if you make the decision now to lean into and embrace the change that the universe will surely bring your way. It can actually turn into the most glorious time period for you -- one where you truly come alive, perhaps for the very first time in your life.

But first, there will be an earthquake of sorts. It might feel like a rumbling for some, but for others it might be a literal "Tower" moment where all you thought you could rely on collapses beneath you. If you are an April-born Taurus, then you are the first runners up for the most significant personal awakening. Wherever it is that you've been asleep at the wheel longest is what Uranus will now break up for you so that you can finally wake up.

Fortunately, for most of this month (until the 31st) you'll have Mars in your sign helping you deal with whatever rubble occurs from any life disaster. Mars is solid this month and will help give you the steadfast determination you need to keep things moving and not get caught up holding on to anything that has already crumbled. Mars in Taurus will serve as your cosmic clean-up crew from March 14-20, when he first links up beautifully with Saturn and then Pluto. You can be sure you'll have all the inner and outer strength to help you head into uncharted territory without feeling like you can't breathe.

For many Taureans, the two areas of life that will be most dynamically affected by Uranus in Taurus are relationships and career. Uranus rules your 10th House of Profession, and the fact that he's now moving into your sign signals that you will have great success in career paths where you finally put yourself and your talents in the spotlight. The more innovative and unusual your career and the more you use technology to your advantage, the greater your prospects for personal and financial gain.

Relationships are about to undergo a change as well. The need for personal liberation will be strong, so if you are in a partnership where you feel suffocated, it might very well end. And if you have been going through the motions in a dead-end relationship just because you're used to going down with a sinking ship? Well that tendency is about to radically shift as well. You're not playing that game anymore.

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