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Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope for March 2019

You make me better

How amazing is it when you can be with someone who makes you a better person? When your other half is not only able to shine a light on your brightest qualities, but also helps you reach inside yourself to create the most impeccable version of yourself... Taurus, this month that is the gift you'll see in your love life story. From March 1-26 your ruler Venus will be gleaming at the top of your chart, helping you make amazing progress in your career. What this also does, however, is highlight the level of support that you'll feel from your mate in terms of the pursuit of your worldly goals. Your partner will not only encourage you to reach for the next level of your personal success, but he or she might even be able to help. If your significant other is tied to your career in any way, then they might promote you or talk you up to someone with a great deal of power in your industry.

If you're single, then you might find yourself crushing on your boss or someone in your career path who is older, wiser, or just more established than you are. Because Uranus will move into your sign on March 6 and Uranus is the natural ruler of your career sector, there is a literal connection here between your desire to do something radically different in terms of your love life and in your professional life. Connect the dots, Taurus. This rare and beautiful mutual reception between Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus just might lead to a sudden love connection where you least expected it.

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