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May 2013 Horoscope

Sitting Pretty

May is usually mellow with the Sun in placid Taurus for the first three weeks of the month. The Bull's down to earth qualities encourage a more realistic and practical approach to life. However, there are ripples in the air and rumbles underground that are likely to stir the stability sought by this sign. Brainy Mercury's move into Taurus on May 1 is often about stable and even simplistic thinking. But the mind's desire to avoid complications is countered by demanding conditions starting on May 5 when Mercury's opposition to restrictive Saturn presents obstacles that require us to intensify our efforts.

Fortunately, we will have the capacity to narrow focus, concentrate our efforts and find the force to overcome barriers. On May 5 muscular Mars in Taurus forms a favorable trine with potent Pluto that's perfect for eliminating distractions and operating more efficiently. Mercury's trine to Pluto the following day offers laser like vision that's helpful for exposing hidden issues. These two transits are also good for surviving threatening circumstances and recycling old ideas and methods that prove to be very effective now.

A kink in the Taurus armor comes with the New Moon in this sign on May 9. This is a South Node Solar Eclipse that requires us to move out of our comfort zones. Passivity and prioritizing comfort are traps that keep wheels spinning without making forward progress. Yet the benefits of this eclipse are recognizing where we are stuck with outmoded values and self-indulgent habits. Seeing this clearly shows us exactly where changes are needed. Yet be patient and thorough in the process since overnight transformations tend to be fleeting. Instead of being content with life as it is, think about the rich returns you can get when you don't take the easy way out and settle for less.

Loving Venus flits into Gemini on May 9 and Mercury does the same on May 15 to inspire curiosity, flexibility and flirtatiousness. A lighter approach to relationships can reduce the pressure to control them so tightly. Exploring different kinds of ideas and experiences comes easily with these transits. The Sun joins the Gemini party on May 20 with an easier, breezier attitude to help lighten the load. Changes are in the air in a big way, which is why the adaptable Twins can be so useful in these volatile times.

On May 20 revolutionary Uranus and powerful Pluto make the third of seven transformational squares that began in June 2012 and end in March 2015. Institutions may be rocked by scandals or shaken by unexpected events. We can feel uncertain about ourselves, as if the ground is shifting beneath our feel. This is why an adaptable Gemini attitude is so healthy. It reduces the impact of shocks by not locking into rigid positions.

We may be tempted to flee reality with the adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon square dreamy Neptune on May 24. Going off into fantasyland as a way to nullify the deep-rooted shifts under our feet will not help. We have to come back to Earth at some point. Staying present to reality is rewarded intellectually and socially on May 27 and 28 when clever Mercury and romantic Venus join generous Jupiter, two delicious reasons to stick around.

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