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May 2013 Career Horoscope

Business as usual

May starts out slow and easy with four planets in stable Taurus. This fixed Earth sign is a reminder to put our feet solidly on the ground and to advance professional interests at steady pace. Individuals trying to get in on the ground floor of a company or project need to attend to the basics. It's not a time for overly elaborate ideas or big promises since establishing and maintaining credibility are priorities. Taurus does have an eye for value, making the first half of the month a favorable period of assessing resources and abilities.

The calm associated with this sign might be disturbed on May 7 when cerebral Mercury joins aggressive Mars. This transit is useful for initiating contacts and expressing fresh concepts, yet people may not be fully accepting and are likely to express some opposing arguments. Stick to facts and demonstrate the practicality of your plan to make the best impression.

May 9 brings the New Moon in Taurus, but this lunation is also a Solar Eclipse that may require letting go of something or someone to take professional lives to the next level. Yet on the same day sociable Venus bounces into chatty Gemini where alternative sources of money and talent may be more easily found. Mercury runs into Gemini on May 15, followed into this adaptable sign by the Sun on the 20th. We're leaving behind the solidity of Taurus for more flexible and inventive times that could be particularly brilliant with a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on May 27.

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