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May 2013 Love Horoscope

Pursuit of Pleasure

Sweetness, sensuality and a dash of self-indulgence are in the air when May begins. Love planet Venus is in her earthy home sign of Taurus until May 9, which is wonderful for slowing down and smelling the roses, but indicates potential resistant to change.

The desire to hunker down and stick with what and who we know is meant to fulfill the Taurus desire for comfort. Taking the time to enjoy the pleasures of the senses serves the physical side of romance. Yet expecting to make it through the month without stress might be unrealistic, especially around the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on May 9.

We may stubbornly cling to a position that does not provide the rewards we expect. A person might win the fight to keep a relationship, but later realize the price was higher than anticipated. Seeking fresh outlets for enjoyable experiences is a wiser way to go.

Venus' shift into adaptable Gemini, also on May 9, does provide some support for seeking alternative pathways to partnership. Yet the planet of amour in this flirtatious sign might be more about the fun of looking than about making or keeping commitments.

Fantasies come calling with Venus' square to dreamy Neptune on May 13, which can inspire hearts but inhibit clear thinking. An escape from reality is fine as long as it's a short-term experience and not a long-term plan.

Mental Mercury's entry into Gemini on May 15, followed there by the Sun on May 20, lightens the emotional atmosphere, encouraging a more playful attitude during the second half of the month.

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