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Aries Horoscope: May 2013

On Shaky Ground

A pair of powerful eclipses this month takes you right to the precipice of change. On May 9, a Solar Eclipse in stubborn Taurus falls in your 2nd House of Resources, raising questions about finances and self-worth. If you've been sticking to an unrewarding job or investing too much in materials or skills that aren't paying off, it may be time to reassess your economic decisions. A Lunar Eclipse in adventurous Sagittarius on May 25 rattles your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education.

A stressful square to the Moon from imaginative Neptune can arouse fantasies of escape. Idealizing a place from your past might provide some inspiration, but it's more likely to distract you from discovering new ways to explore the world and broaden your mind. Yet even if you have your head in the clouds, your feet should remain on the ground when brainy Mercury travels through easygoing Taurus and your 2nd house on May 1 and 15.

Curiosity and flirtatiousness are part of the package when friendly Venus dances into lighthearted Gemini and your chatty 3rd House of Communication on May 9. You're more likely to appreciate people and activities in small doses now; boredom can set in very quickly. Mercury enters your 3rd House of Information on May 15, as does the Sun on May 20, brightening your days with a variety of experiences and people.

Your willingness to talk about anything with just about anyone is excellent for opening new channels of communication. Just make sure that you're dealing with people who really understand a subject before you put your faith in what they say. Mars bounces into airy Gemini and Mercury swims into watery Cancer on May 31, encouraging casual behavior and subjective thinking.

Keep in Mind This Month

You might find unfamiliar people and experiences so compelling that you (incorrectly) assume they will always intrigue you. Enjoy the moment without trying to make it last.

Key Dates for Aries

May 1: Shoulder to the Wheel

Maintain a steady pace and focus on one job at a time if you hope to turn this frustrating day into a productive one. Active Mars' opposition to strict Saturn demands that you stick to a plan and not wander off track with clever improvisations. You have almost no room for error -- and you will be reminded of this fact very quickly if you deviate from what's expected of you. Yet patiently attending to the toughest task can earn you some well-deserved respect.


May 5-7: Don't Back Down

A Mercury-Saturn opposition on May 5 could lead you into a confrontation with a negative person. Don't take no for an answer now since a potent Mars-Pluto trine gives you power and efficiency to overcome most obstacles. On May 7, you're filled with moneymaking ideas as a perceptive Mercury-Mars conjunction in your 2nd House of Resources urges you to fight for what you believe in with a combination of strength and persistence that's hard to resist. Your perspective is likely to prevail if your argument is based on reliable information.

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