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Gemini Horoscope: May 2013

In or Out

Finding a consistent approach isn't easy this month as you vacillate between your need for privacy and your desire for attention. The month begins with the Sun in your secretive 12th House of Privacy, indicating the value of escaping from people and responsibilities so that you can recharge your batteries. Yet sociable Venus' entry into Gemini on May 9 makes you more popular than ever. Teasing may not be your intention, but it's what people perceive as you dance in and out of contact, one moment fully present and the next one gone somewhere else.

The Taurus New Moon Eclipse, also on the May 9, falls in your 12th house, continuing the call to reconnect with your spiritual life through prayer or meditation. Yet on May 15, your curious ruling planet, Mercury, bounces into Gemini and your 1st House of Personality where expressing yourself more openly pulls you out of the shadows once more.

The last remnants of your shyness and caution seem to wash away with the Sun's shift into Gemini on May 20, combined with the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square. However, the expansive urges of outgoing Jupiter in your sign are constrained by a tense sesquisquare with sobering Saturn that inhibits enthusiasm, also on May 20. This transit is not meant to stop you in your tracks, but to remind you to proceed with caution, instead of recklessly rushing ahead.

Unreliable partners or your confusion about someone else's intentions could create complications with the Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse in your 7th House of Relationships on May 25. Sharing exciting dreams with others is delicious, but do your homework before assuming that a divine moment of inspiration will lead to a lasting alliance.

Keep in Mind This Month

Freely choosing when to engage with others and when to withdraw reveals your strength and self-confidence rather than any lack of commitment.

Key Dates for Gemini

May 18: Parallel Universes

Trickster Mercury in dualistic Gemini shows you the contrast between hard, cold reality and a rosy world of fantasies. Happily, you are well equipped to shift mental gears from the dreamscape of a Mercury-Neptune square to the pressing demands of a Mercury quincunx to Saturn. Avoid the disappointment that comes when hope is buried under the weight of duty. Breaking down a vision that seems out of reach into small steps will begin to make it more tangible.


May 24-25: The Price of Peace

You're at your most clever, playful, and charming best on May 24 when captivating Venus joins your friendly ruling planet, Mercury. This aspect is ideal for discussing difficult subjects with graciousness that can smooth out the biggest bumps. The downside is that you tend to gloss over long-term differences in the name of short-term peace and harmony. Agreements that lack substance or sincerity, though, can melt away on the May 25 with a Solar Eclipse in your 7th House of Partners that squares squishy Neptune.

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