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Leo Horoscope: May 2013

You're the Boss

Two polarizing eclipses this month influence the ways you express yourself both creatively and professionally. On May 9, the determined Taurus New Moon is a Solar Eclipse in your 10th House of Career that's likely to amplify your ambitions. Contentious Mars' conjunction with the eclipse could provoke conflict with authorities and drive you to seek employment elsewhere. The desire to run your own business is understandable, yet whether you stay in your current position or go somewhere else, learning how to delegate duties and motivate others to share the load makes the difference between fulfillment and frustration.

The adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse on May 25 occurs in your 5th House of Love and Creativity to stimulate hunger for new forms of pleasure and self-expression. Empathic Neptune's square to the eclipse inspires your imagination and heightens your sensitivity to your audience. But this dreamy planet may also lure you into pursuing fantasies that are unlikely to become realities.

Getting along with friends and colleagues is another key concern with four planets flitting into diverse Gemini and your 11th House of Groups this month. Vibrant Venus leads the parade to enliven your social life on May 9, followed by chatty Mercury on May 15, the radiant Sun on May 20, and rowdy Mars on the May 31. Connecting with a wide variety of people is exciting, but could scatter your intellectual, emotional, and physical resources.

The third of seven unstable squares between transformational outer planets Uranus and Pluto on May 20 is a reminder to keep your eyes on the big prize of long-term change instead of being distracted by trivial events.

Keep in Mind This Month

Success is more likely when you take the long road to the top now instead of seeking out shortcuts that won't get you as far.


May 1: Inch by Inch

You may feel bullied or overloaded by the formidable obstacles you face at home and at work. A stressful opposition between active Mars and static Saturn is pouring on all this pressure. Fortunately, a powerful Sun-Pluto trine helps you concentrate your efforts and manage a difficult task with patience and maturity. Mental Mercury's entry into earthy Taurus signals the need to seek simple solutions to handle what's already on your plate instead of piling on additional obligations.


May 25-27: Out of Bounds

You're tempted to play risky games on May 25 with the Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse in your frolicsome 5th House. Mars's tense aspects with ruthless Pluto and volatile Uranus on May 25-26 increase the likelihood of danger. A Mercury-Saturn aspect sharpens your perceptions, but a foggy Sun-Neptune square can lead you to overlook details or ignore good advice. Adjust your course on May 27, when the Sun aligns with disciplined Saturn and an adaptable Mercury-Jupiter conjunction opens your mind to new ways of thinking.

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