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Leo Career Horoscope: May 2013

A roaring career

Professional matters should be on the front burner this month as May opens with four planets in your 10th House of Career. Although your creativity and personality might be keys to your success, practicality and persistence are even more important now. That's because these planets are in to back to basics sign Taurus, which rewards you for being reliable, consistent and low maintenance. Taking care of business without fuss or both will not demand attention yet will make you a more desirable employee, colleague or boss in the long run.

You might, though, feel held back by a cautious leader who is unwilling to make any significant shifts. Patience, dear Leo, is your ally because locking down into a power struggle is likely to cost you more effort than it's worth. Putting on your accounting hat to save money and increase cost effectiveness might require letting go of a plan or cutting back on expenses.

The earthy Taurus New Moon on May 9 lands in your 10th house, which is why economics is so important. But instead of simply starting a fresh cycle in the career part of your chart, this lunation is a Solar Eclipse, suggesting that something has to go before you can grow. The Sun's move into flexible Gemini on May 20 should take some weight off your shoulders as it will be in your 11th House of Teamwork then. The support of others allows you to expand your areas of activity, which can make your job much more interesting.

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