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Libra Love Horoscope: May 2013

Simple Pleasures

You could find yourself dealing with stubborn people during the first couple of weeks of May. Four planets in stable Taurus occupy your 8th House of Deep Sharing, where comfort comes from being with a reliable individual or where boredom brings you down when others seem stuck in their old, predictable patterns.

Patience is a must to earn trust and to address ongoing issues this month. You might feel underappreciated and be tempted to give up on a partnership. Yet if you can share some simple pleasures, such as tasty meals, walks in the woods or listening to music together, there's a calming, healing force that can restore romance. If you're single and looking, be persistent without being pushy. A more relaxed approach to meeting someone and getting to know one another makes both of you feel safer.

Then, on May 9, a livelier period begins. Alluring Venus, your sociable ruling planet, enters curious Gemini, where life begins to look more interesting. Communicative Mercury moves into Gemini on May 15 and the Sun follows on May 20, completing a transition to a more playful and lighthearted environment. These transits occur in your visionary 9th House of Travel, where conversations about the future inspire hope.

Planetary contacts with dreamy Neptune make relationships slippery from May 13-18, as fantasy and false promises may prove misleading. However, sweet Venus joins generous Jupiter on May 28 to end the month on a high note. This aspect is generous, optimistic and rich with potential for pleasure that is worth taking time to savor.

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