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Pisces Horoscope: May 2013

Let Go To Grow

Expect the unexpected during this transitional month that's intensified with two powerful eclipses and a pair of significant outer planet transits that motivate you to reassess major plans. On May 9, talkative Mercury and aggressive Mars join a Taurus Solar Eclipse that falls in your 3rd House of Communication, prompting animated conversations that could lead you into conflict. Stubborn Taurus, though, tends to hold on to ideas even when they don't fit current circumstances and future aspirations. Simplifying concepts by concentrating on one or two that are solid and letting the others go should make your life much easier.

Expansive Jupiter makes its third and final sesquisquare with contractive Saturn on May 20, a pattern that occurred on July 20 and October 15, 2012. This awkward alignment of outer planets requires you to narrow your focus and adjust your professional or educational expectations.

Your home life warms up on May 20 as the Sun skips into blithe Gemini and your 4th House of Domestic Conditions. But the third of seven transformational squares between Uranus and Pluto happens nearly simultaneously, which may set off financial issues or power struggles. This aspect recurs on November 1 and culminates on March 16, 2015, giving you plenty of time to enhance your moneymaking abilities and become a better friend and co-worker.

Professional issues are likely to be up for review with a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse that highlights your 10th House of Career on May 25. Starry-eyed Neptune's squares to the Sun and Moon could have you chasing unicorns, falling for a sob story, or spreading yourself too thin. Let go of romantic illusions now; it's wiser than holding on to unrealizable dreams until you're exhausted or driven to despair.

Keep in Mind This Month

Opportunities arise when you free yourself from outmoded hopes and fruitless struggles. Clearing your mind now helps you to find a deeper fulfillment later.

Key Dates for Pisces

May 18: Alice in Wonderland

The good news and the bad news is that there are no limits to where your mind can go today thanks to a fanciful Mercury-Neptune square. The benefits include imaginative thinking and captivating conversations. Yet the stories being told may be too far from the truth to apply them in real-world situations. Perhaps you're misunderstanding others or allowing vital details to slip through the cracks. It's best to avoid making commitments until you have facts that you can rely on.


May 25-28: Dare to Believe

Even though dreamy Neptune's square to the adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse on May 25 fills your head with illusions, it's worthwhile to let your imagination run wild. Daydreaming is likely to produce positive results even if your facts are wrong, because cerebral Mercury and valuable Venus hook up with auspicious Jupiter on May 27-28. Still, it helps to create your own fantasies instead of falling for someone else's, since good fortune rewards following your instincts.

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