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Pisces Career Horoscope: May 2013

Shaky communications

Down to earth thinking and clear communication are keys for professional wellbeing during the first half of May. The well-tempered Taurus Sun is rolling through your 3rd House of Information until May 20, giving your words more power when you stick to basics. Taurus prefers simplicity, which involves breaking down complex concepts and problems into smaller pieces to be able to handle them. Vivacious Venus is also in this part of your chart until May 9, giving a more appealing tone to your words. A little verbal stroking can do wonders for a working relationship as long as you are totally sincere about it.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 9 is a Solar Eclipse that can delay communications in a key area. But instead of getting frustrated by this, take it as a signal to reconsider your investment in an idea or connection that's not fulfilling your expectations. Holding on tighter to a concept or working relationship that costs more than it can offer you in return is not a great investment.

Be careful with your judgment around May 13 when evaluative Venus forms a slippery square with your imaginative planet Neptune. Compassion and creativity may be strong, but a tendency to idealize a person or project should put you on your guard about going too far too fast. The Sun's square with Neptune on May 26 repeats this dreamy pattern but can also be a source of inspiration if you allow your fantasies time to settle and separate the foolish ones from those that can enrich your career.

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