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Sagittarius Love Horoscope: May 2013

Keep it Light and Bright

If you're bored, frustrated and about to give up on love when May begins, take a breath and wait because that will change later this month. Alluring Venus enters chatty Gemini and your 7th House of Partners on May 9, which makes you more appealing to others. Your current mate may find you more interesting, or both of you could try some new and different experiences that restore life to your union.

There's lightness to Gemini that invites flirtatious behavior and is most rewarding when you don't take yourself too seriously. Don't worry too much about the future, because enjoying the present will be much more rewarding. In fact, mental Mercury enters Gemini on May 15, opening channels of communication and increasing opportunities to meet people. Intelligence is a key to getting the most out of this mentally stimulating transit.

Then, the powerful Sun dashes into charming Gemini and your 7th House of Partners on May 20, adding even more appeal to your personality. Being clever is a definite plus, but being tricky undermines trust and inhibits stability with others.

Emotions run high with the Full Moon in your sign on May 24. Settling for a routine relationship won't be easy as adventure comes calling. Dreams of travel and romance can be inspiring, yet they may lead you down an unrealistic path. Still, visualizing the great love you desire will be useful as long as you keep on foot solidly on the ground. The conjunction of Venus and your lucky ruling planet Jupiter on May 28 can reward you in surprisingly delightful ways.

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