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Scorpio Horoscope: May 2013

Shifting Sands

You're afraid there's nowhere secure to stand this month as circumstances create growing pressure for change. Normally, you can hold your position even in the face of intensity or adversity. However, you could be pleasantly surprised by what happens when you let go of an agenda that no longer serves your purpose.

Your frustration is already palpable when forceful Mars and insistent Mercury in bullheaded Taurus oppose obstinate Saturn in your 1st House of Self on May 1 and May 5, respectively. Don't admit defeat, even if it seems like others are unwilling to acknowledge your point of view. Instead, go ahead with the changes that will improve your life.

Four planets in determined Taurus and your 7th House of Partners help you overcome the resistance that you're encountering from someone else. Fortunately, Venus shifts into adaptable Gemini on May 9, the same day as a Taurus New Moon Eclipse in your 7th House revitalizes a relationship by offering alternative ways to work together.

You can take your partnerships to the next level when mental Mercury enters friendly Gemini and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on May 15. The weight of responsibility continues to lift when the Sun enters airy Gemini on May 20, followed by Mars on May 31. Meanwhile, the long-lasting square between reactionary Uranus and evolutionary Pluto that began in 2012 and continues through 2015 is exact on May 20, raising the stakes in the current game of change. The adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse on May 25 fires up your 2nd House of Self-Worth, inspiring you to take decisive action in order to realign your life with your core values.

Keep in Mind This Month

Maintaining the status quo because you're afraid of what's around the next corner takes more energy than it's worth -- and could prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

Key Dates for Scorpio

May 1-5: No Surrender

You don't like it when others are too insistent -- especially if they're trying to coerce you to change your mind. Bossy Saturn in your sign opposes pushy Mars in your 7th House of Partners on May 1, prompting you to dig in your heels against the wishes of someone else. An argumentative Mercury-Saturn opposition on May 5 brings out your fixed and unyielding nature for all to see. Meanwhile, your key planet Pluto harmoniously trines the Sun on May 1 and Mars on May 5, strengthening your convictions and empowering you to defend your point of view at all costs.


May 25-28: In it to Win it

Your cash flow is stretched to the max on May 25 as the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse intensifies your 2nd House of Resources, shaking up your finances. Militant Mars has you up in arms to defend your current lifestyle or aggressively seek more money when he harshly aspects Pluto and Uranus on May 25-26. However, an enriching triple conjunction of eloquent Mercury, skillful Venus, and auspicious Jupiter in your 8th House of Investments and Shared Resources on May 27-28 bodes well for any project you undertake now, provided you don't expect too much in return for very little effort.

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