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Taurus Love Horoscope: May 2013

Strut Your Stuff

Make your moves early this month, while four planets occupy your sensual sign. The Sun's presence in your 1st House of Personality boosts confidence through May 20. You should be able to get more positive attention with less effort during this period.

Passionate Mars, the action planet, is in Taurus until May 31, pushing you forward in pursuit of your goals. Physical activity will be especially healthy, toning your body, calming your nerves and making you more appealing to others.

But the key planetary player in romantic matters is amorous Venus, which occupies earthy Taurus until the morning of May 9. Indulging yourself in life's sweet pleasures is an appropriate way to experience this delicious transit. Knowing how to please yourself makes you a more desirable partner, as long as you're willing to share and be careful of becoming too self-involved.

Verbal Mercury enters Taurus on May 1, adding credibility to your words. Yet its opposition to strict Saturn on May 5 could prove frustrating. Patience can make the difference between establishing trust and making judgments that lead to conflict.

Expansive Jupiter's conjunction with Venus on May 28 has the potential to be delightful. This union occurs in adaptable Gemini, where demonstrating flexibility and a willingness to stretch the boundaries of your tastes are keys to making a new connection or enlivening an ongoing one.

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