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Virgo Love Horoscope: May 2013

Dreams of faraway places can inspire your heart with hope when May begins. Four planets in your 9th House of Travel increase your chances of connecting with someone from a different culture or putting more life in your current relationship by planning a trip. If you can't get away, this visionary part of your chart opens your mind to big ideas that put your life in perspective.

A more philosophical point of view helps you to stop worrying about the petty details of daily life that can keep romance out of sight. Taking the time to let your imagination roam invites love into your life and makes you more attractive to others.

Your cerebral ruling planet Mercury joins passionate Mars on May 7, putting more power into your words and encouraging you to speak directly. Taking the initiative to reach out to a potential new partner is favored by this flirtatious transit.

Amorous Venus enters Gemini and your 10th House of Career on May 9, which can garner you attention when you're taking care of business. Your capacity to manage responsibilities with a light touch leaves room for playful behavior in a work environment.

Chatty Mercury follows Venus into Gemini May 15, which is a reminder to take yourself less seriously. More flexible thinking takes the edges off of conversations, allowing you to be more playful with people. The enthusiastic Sagittarius Full Moon on May 24 is another invitation to take yourself less seriously. However, a dash of common sense is needed to avoid sacrificing too much in pursuit of love.

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