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May 2014 Horoscope

Going steady

The cosmic ups and downs of recent months begin to even out as May delivers a dose of steady Taurus energy, and action planet Mars finally turns direct. Romantic matters will remain complicated until mid-month, but overall May is your chance to make a fresh start in many new directions. Make the most of this energy with key dates and predictions for every sign.

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Key Astrology events to watch for this month include:

May 2: Venus in Aries

May 14: Full Moon in Scorpio

May 19: Mars Direct

May 20: Sun in Gemini

May 28: New Moon in Gemini

May 28: Venus in Taurus

Here’s a little tease for each sign:

Aries: Life, in general, will be calmer this month as the difficult energies of April begin to dissipate »

Taurus: Don't be surprised if your month begins with incredibly encouraging news »

Gemini: Expect to be more chatty than usual this month -- even for you »

Cancer: If you start to feel like you need more time alone in order to hear yourself think, be sure to honor that after May 7 »

Leo: As early as May 7, you might feel much more social and convivial »

Virgo: Communicating with your boss or other authority figures connected to your career will be a snap this month »

Libra: Your higher mind will be exceptionally active after May 7 and until May 29 »

Scorpio: You may have plenty of investment ideas after May 7 and until May 29 »

Sagittarius: Communication between you and your mate should improve nicely this month. On May 7, Mercury will enter your partnership sector, remaining there until May 29 »

Capricorn: Chatter at the workplace might consume you this month »

Aquarius: If you have any children, you'll be glad to know that communication with them will likely improve dramatically this month »

Pisces: There might be an extra buzz around your home life this month »

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