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May 2014 Career Horoscope

Return on investment

While life might not be quite as crazy as it was in April, there is still plenty of movement among the planets to provoke changes in professional lives this month. We start with magnetic Venus, representing, charm, social skills and appreciation, entering pioneering Aries on May 2, which speeds up interactions while increasing restlessness and undermining economic security.

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The hunger for new experiences grows, and the rewards for those who take risks expand, as well. Coming up with fresh creative ideas and being bold enough to reach out to new people are favored by this dynamic transit. Working relationships could be rattled in the middle of the month, though, when gracious Venus clashes with controlling Pluto on May 14 and with volatile Uranus the following day. It might not take much to push emotional buttons, so tread lightly unless you're willing to endanger an alliance.

On the plus side, visionary Jupiter and responsible Saturn form a favorable trine on May 24, which is a strategically strong pattern covering the last half of the month. The ability to combine the optimism of Jupiter with the practicality of Saturn is excellent for long-range planning and for making smart career decisions. Patience is a must, though, because the wisdom this pair offers requires plenty of careful thought.

Still, even the wisest of individuals could be tempted to chase a fantasy during the last few days of May. The jittery Gemini New Moon on May 28 forms an unstable square with dreamy Neptune that tends to put heads in the clouds. Nevertheless, those with their feet solidly on the ground will find inspiration that just might turn into reality.

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