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May 2014 Love Horoscope

Make a fresh start in love

Love's recent roller coaster ride of ups and downs begins to even out as May delivers a dose of steady Taurus energy, and action planet Mars finally turns direct. Romantic matters will remain somewhat complicated until mid-month, but May is also your chance to make a fresh start!

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Here’s a little tease for each sign:

Aries: Romantic matters are a mixed bag of friction along with pockets of harmony this month, especially as it relates to your ability to communicate what you want to your mate »

Taurus: There's a certain amount of intensity in partnership matters for you this month »

Gemini: The first half of the month might feel tense when it comes to love, but don't despair: All is not lost »

Cancer: If you and your partner have had trouble in paradise lately, pressure at home most likely added to the strain in your relationship »

Leo: The courage to communicate to your partner in the way you truly want to may have eluded you lately »

Virgo: Power, when it comes to love, is a running theme for you this month »

Libra: You're likely to find that your love life runs a distinctly opposite spectrum between the first and second half of the month »

Scorpio: Your love life will be back on the radar of "interesting" again this month, thanks to an infusion of new astrological energy »

Sagittarius: There's a bite to your love life this month, but for the most part you'll enjoy the taste »

Capricorn: Are you worried about introducing a new love to the family for the first time? »

Aquarius: Communicating with your sweetheart may not be easy until later this month »

Pisces: Communication with your sweetheart will be uplifting on May 6 »

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