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Aquarius Horoscope: May 2014

Put yourself out there

If you have any children, you'll be glad to know that communication with them will likely improve dramatically this month. After May 7 and until May 29, you'll have the support of Mercury in the area of your chart that rules children, creativity and romance. Any or all of these areas in your life will see important developments relating to the exchange of information. You might decide to develop a bright artistic idea. You might also reach out to someone you're attracted to and open up a dialogue that may lead to a love connection. If you're already attached, you will openly declare your adoration for your lover during this time. Write that love letter!

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On May 14, a Full Moon in your career sector will put you in the spotlight for a professional achievement. If you've worked hard up until this point, it is possible you'll receive some kind of recognition or be put in a position of authority. The down side to this lunation is that if you're not doing what you're meant to do professionally, it's possible that your boss will come down on you quite hard now, and that you may even receive your walking papers.

On May 19, Mars turns direct in the area of your chart that rules legal matters, internationalism and higher education. If you have experienced a stall in any of these areas since March 1, you can expect things to begin moving along again.

Lastly, a gorgeous New Moon will fall in your true love sector on May 29. If you're single, it's possible you'll meet someone very special during the next 10 days. Get yourself out there!

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