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Aries Career Horoscope for May 2014


Venus, the planet of charm and beauty, is coming your way this month. She enters audacious Aries on May 2, which should make you more appealing to others, both personally and professionally. This magnetic force in pioneering Aries is also a source of fresh ideas and inspiration, providing you with new solutions to old problems.

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One of the challenges, though, is that in these uncertain times, and especially with the Sun in slow-moving Taurus until May 20, people tend to be resistant to change. Tempering your enthusiasm and restlessness allows you to present fresh concepts in non-threatening ways.

Venus' opposition to your ruling planet, Mars, on May 11 is excellent for having fun and being creative. It's a Sunday, but your powers of persuasion should be excellent on May 12, when verbal Mercury aligns favorably with Mars. Yet, even if you're on your best behavior, working relationships can be rocky in the middle of the month, when trust and stability are shaken as Venus connects with paranoid Pluto on May 14 and radical Uranus on May 15. Think very carefully when you speak, as resentment and jealousy expressed openly can undermine trust among colleagues.

Mars regains forward motion on May 19, slowly building speed that encourages you to pick up on projects that have been on hold. Making connections, communicating successfully and educating yourself are highlighted when the Sun enters chatty Gemini and your intellectual 3rd House on May 20. This is also a good time to seek the advice of people you trust, especially when it comes to making long-term decisions.

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