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Aries Love Horoscope for May 2014

Can't get no satisfaction

Romantic matters are a mixed bag of friction along with pockets of harmony this month, especially as it relates to your ability to communicate what you want to your mate. The trick in navigating this month's energy is knowing when to lay low and when to push ahead in love.

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On May 11, you'll definitely feel frustrated. Love planet Venus (now in your sign) will oppose Mars Retrograde in your relationship sector. You may find it difficult to put aside your differences with your mate in order to enjoy the physical side of your relationship. In fact, satisfaction is unlikely.

Then, a Full Moon on May 14 will illuminate the area of your chart that involves your partner's resources, as well as your most intimate world. There might be an awakening that stirs inside of you. You may long for your partner to connect with you on a more soul naked level, but at the same time you'll need to conquer any feeling of vulnerability that prevents you to reach for this level of intimacy. Fortunately, on May 15 you'll have a brilliant day in matters of the heart. Not only will you communicate effortlessly with your love, but if you're looking to spice things up it's likely you'll succeed!

The major news for you in the love department happens on May 19. Finally, after having been retrograde since March 1, Mars will turn direct in your partnership sector. You'll be able to have whatever argument you've been resisting, and (thankfully) this will help you two clear the air once and for all.

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