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Cancer Horoscope: May 2014

Hold your own

If you start to feel like you need more time alone in order to hear yourself think, be sure to honor that after May 7. Consider journaling or writing down dreams. Even if you write a pros and cons list to help you make a decision, it'll make you feel more empowered. Don't feel like you have to show this list to anyone else or enlist the advice of a loved one. Trust your own mind, and allow thoughts to filter through it without anyone else's chatter in the background.

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A Full Moon on May 14 might bring emotionally-charged news about one of your children. One of your kids might be pushing too hard for success in a certain area, and if so he or she may need a time-out. Or, it's possible you and your sweetheart will experience a defining moment in your love affair. Also, a creative endeavor you've been working on might now reach completion. You'll be proud of the effort you've put into it.

On May 19, Mars turns direct in your home and family sector. It's possible you've experienced a delay in a home renovation project since March 1, or you and a relative may have been at a deadlock in a domestic dispute. Now that the planet of action moves forward again, you can expect movement in this area of your life. Ultimately, there will be resolution, but not without a few arguments along the way. Luckily, at least now you're able to hold your own.

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