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Capricorn Love Horoscope for May 2014

Can't hardly wait

Are you worried about introducing a new love to the family for the first time? If so, you may want to wait until after May 14. On this day, love planet Venus will be at a tense angle to Pluto, now in your sign. Because Venus is in your home and family sector, it's possible you'll want so much for your clan to approve of your new sweetheart that you'll go to extraordinary lengths to attempt to control the situation.

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For example, you may try to makeover your sweetie in a way that you know would lead to domestic approval. Your lover will only become anxious and worry that he or she isn't good enough as is. If you can't relax about this situation, perhaps you're better off waiting until later in the month when the meeting can be more organic and less of a power struggle.

If single, you might suddenly meet a new love interest through your family on May 15. Perhaps you'll visit someone in your clan and meet a sexy neighbor by accident. Or, one of your relatives might intentionally try to play matchmaker and much to your delight, it'll work!

If married, you and your mate are likely to overspend in a home renovation or decorating project. Remember your budget! By May 24, you and your partner are likely to enjoy a special night with long term friends. Mixing with other couples will bring you closer.

Expect gorgeous romantic prospects after May 28. In fact, you'll have an incredible opportunity to meet someone new and fall in love until June 23. If attached, you can expect the universe to help bring the sparks back to your relationship. Anticipate nothing less than romantic bliss while Venus moves through your true love sector.

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