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Gemini Love Horoscope for May 2014

Hot to trot

The first half of the month might feel tense when it comes to love, but don't despair: All is not lost! In fact, after May 19 things will improve dramatically. But first, the bad news...

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On May 11, love planet Venus will oppose Mars Retrograde in your true love sector. Because Venus is in your friendship sector, it's possible you and someone you're dating will have a problem relating to your social lives. One of you may not approve of a friend. It's also possible that one of your friends is trying to sabotage your relationship -- maybe even hitting on your lover! This, of course, is the worst case scenario, and if that should happen then you'll know it's time to end the friendship. If your sweetheart is the one flirting with your friend, however, then it looks like a break up is in order.

On May 15, there should be excellent communication about romantic matters. In addition, if you are looking to meet someone new, it's possible an Internet dating adventure will prove to be quite positive. If attached, you and your partner may find extra relationship stimulation by attending a party or other social event together.

On May 19, you'll really start to feel that your love and sex life has the potential for improvement. Mars has been moving retrograde through the area of your chart that rules dating and pleasure since March 1. On May 19, however, Mars will finally turn direct, allowing your libido to wake up and go after who it craves most.

Adding to the positive news at month's end is a delicious New Moon in your sign on May 28. Along with an encouraging link between the Sun and Mars on May 31, this might offer the perfect cosmic recipe for a romantic interlude you won't soon forget!

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