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Leo Love Horoscope for May 2014

Get back in the game

The courage to communicate to your partner in the way you truly want to may have eluded you lately. Or, there might have been a "talk to the hand" response whenever you've tried to approach your partner about something you felt was important to discuss. This situation may have become increasingly frustrating for you since March 1, and by now you're about ready to throw in the towel completely. Don't! These blocks will soon lift.

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Mars, the planet of initiative, has been traveling retrograde in your communication sector since March 1. This energy is responsible for any tense conversations between you and your mate that end up going nowhere. Because Mars is moving in relationship-oriented Libra, you and your partner might have more than one decision to make together that has seemed impossible. Thankfully, all of this communication tension will move away after May 19, thanks to Mars turning direct. You'll be back in the game with your signature style in conveying ideas. And guess what? Your partner will be more receptive!

In other news, a gorgeous connection between Venus and Uranus on May 15 might bring an exciting and exotic romantic interlude your way. If single, be on the lookout for someone who is from a different culture or background than yourself. You'll be enthralled!

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