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Libra Horoscope: May 2014

Go, go, go

Your higher mind will be exceptionally active after May 7 and until May 29. A New Moon will add further stimulation on May 28. You may decide to study a new language, sign up for an adult education course, or learn more about a new philosophy, religion or culture. If you have an opportunity to engage in discussions with a mentor or spiritual advisor this month, do so. You'll gain an enormous amount of wisdom from these conversations.

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On May 11, you and your partner might experience a certain amount of friction in your relationship. You want peace and unity, yet your actions seem to contradict this. Your mate could view you as oppositional, and on some level this is likely to be true. Ask yourself why. Stirring the pot in a romance is good every now and again because it keeps things fresh and alive. If, however, you are doing this just to get a rise out of your lover, it's possible you're the one who will end up burned.

A Full Moon in your earned income sector on May 14 will put your attention on emotional security as it relates to your money making capacity. You'll gain a deeper understanding about where you need to tighten your belt in order to meet a major expense.

The headline news for you this month, however, is that Mars finally turns direct in your sign on May 19! You might have felt as if the universe placed you in a box since March 1. You've struggled with lower energy and obstacles everywhere you turned when you attempted to start something new. Now, that phase is over. You've got a green light to begin whatever it is you've got your heart set on.

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