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Libra Love Horoscope for May 2014

Sexual healing

You're likely to find that your love life runs a distinctly opposite spectrum between the first and second half of the month. The first half will be tense, but the second half has the potential for great rewards.

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May 11 will bring out the nasty in your relationship as love planet Venus opposes Mars Retrograde in your sign. Your lover wants something that you're unable -- or unwilling -- to provide. There might be extra sexual tension, as well, because neither one of you is likely to feel sated around this time. Then, on May 14, you and your partner might run into serious trouble relating to a domestic matter. Whatever is happening in your family life might cut into your ability to experience harmony and joy in your relationship. Don't allow the drama around you to put this wedge in between your happiness.

On May 15, a sudden change is possible. Your partner might surprise you with an unexpected shift in perspective or behavior that is unusual, yet incredibly sexy. This will be your first clue that the month's romantic energy is shifting in your favor.

The truly positive boost, however, arrives on May 19. Mars will finally turn direct in your sign after having been retrograde since March 1. You will slowly, but surely, feel as if you're getting your mojo back. It'll be easier to initiate working out any wrinkles in your relationship. After all, smoothing things over is your specialty!

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